Little changes are making a difference

I’ve always had this way of managing my feelings and events in ways that lead to long term damage to my emotional health. Accepting my flaws, however painful is something that I’ve realised I need to do. In order to become a better and happier person for myself and those I engage with I’ve started to look at patterns in my life. When I say this I mean I have looked at things that went wrong or situations that ended badly. Then, I ask myself how my behaviour and actions impacted the situation in a negative way. Reflecting on situations has been so insightful, it has allowed me to make small changes to my behaviour when met with similar situations. I understand that not all situations can be changed, but if I can reduce the damage they cause to me emotionally and stop escalation I know I’m winning. I’m hoping long term this will benefit my mental health and also the amount of positive energy inside me which will then go onto the amazing children I interact with daily. I hope to keep you all updated on my progress.

Thanks for reading 🙂