An experience of mine

Recently, I’ve found myself taking a step back from people. I told a guy that I’d been speaking to that I no longer wished to do so. I made it clear all I wanted was a friend from the start of our conversations. However, as time passed he start to cross boundaries which made me feel uncomfortable. I made it clear to him once again we would only ever be friends and that I think it would be best if we didn’t speak anymore. Regardless of this he persisted, telling me private stories about his life and at any chance commenting on my posts. Pretending he was doing so to check if I was doing o.k or not, but in reality it would just be a way for him to start a conversation with me again. He would use things such as saying he would end his life if we stop talking to guilt me to speaking to him. I made it clear to him that his obsessive behaviour was starting to frighten me and I begged and pleaded him to leave me alone. I started to feel unsafe, constantly looking over my shoulder and being afraid he would just appear there. This spanned on for months, I constantly fought with myself mentally worrying about him, but also worrying about myself because of him. Speaking to him would exhaust me, it would be like constantly listening to hours of someone talk about their life and it would always be a very one sided conversation. I felt as though he needed help and before the crossing of boundaries I didn’t mind speaking to him.

Something he said about me resides in my brain, even though this is only very recent. Once I told him to leave me alone and that I would ignore him from here on. He lashed out on me, telling me I was nothing but a pretty face but my personality was so awful that no one would ever fall in love with me. My ex boyfriend also said the same thing to me and I told this guy this previously, so he used it against me. He could see that I no longer wanted to be weighed down with him emotionally draining me, so he resorted to trying to manipulate me. With threats of suicide? I mean the only reason I replied to him was because I feared he would end his life. He then spoke about it like it was a joke and laughed at how easily I was manipulated. I know he has a family who support and love him, alongside friends who adore him. But I know I wouldn’t have been able to shake the feeling of guilt if something happened to him and he had reached out to me for help. When I started to ignore him he pretty much made fake accounts to comment stuff on my posts. This included telling me that I should die a painful death and don’t deserve to live and should end my own life. He said he would never leave me alone and this was all for my benefit. Then he would go onto claim he was so heartbroken and in love with me and he didn’t even say anything wrong to me. Telling me I was being unreasonable and paranoid for no reason. He admitted stalking my posts and reading every single comment, watching out for them constantly. He also offered me the chance to be left alone SOMETIMES, if I spoke to him for a few hours a day, everyday. Or he would have to start stalking me again..

At this point, I’m not sure if he’s actually got something wrong with him mentally or if he’s just not a nice person. But this whole process taught me something about myself, I blame myself for everything. I felt guilty for leaving his life despite knowing I’d given him a chance to stop making me feel uncomfortable and crossing boundaries. That should have been enough. What I wanted and what was in my best interest should have been my number one priority. But I couldn’t help but blame myself for the situation and the way it unfolded. A part of me felt like this was what I deserved off him or anyone else in my life. Taking charge of your own life and cutting out people who cause emotional harm to you isn’t.

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22 thoughts on “An experience of mine

    1. I appreciate your support on my blog so much! I’ve been reading yours and I have to say I’m blown away. You have such skill and passion, and I totally relate to taking a step back from people. I took a 5 month isolation to the extreme, now I’m finally in trauma therapy and moving forward. By the way don’t ever believe someone who will tell you such awful things about yourself. I’m captivated by you! If you ever need to talk or want to reach out I’m always here. Thank you!

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      1. Such a sweet comment Chris, I really appreciate your kind words and your offer. I’m so glad to hear you’ve been moving forward and things are getting better for you. Thank you so much I will keep that in mind !

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    1. 😂 Hmm perhaps that is true, abit of a push and hard work for abit of sex though. I would assume anyone would just understand that I’m not interested and move on


  1. Manipulation to get one’s way and trying to control and frighten you is stalking. You are valuable and worth more. Block his number and forgive yourself. You are not responsible for his behavior and cannot control him. Let go of all blame and enjoy your life. Blessings!

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  2. Hi Ellie, I can feel you. My ex boyfriend did this to me before, exactly like this. I broke up with him after 5 years of being together, and he started texting me that he will end up his life if we don’t get back together, his family is also texting and trying to convince me to get back with him. It went ugly he started telling me that all his relatives are laughing at me cause I’m ugly. Oh well, you just have to think of yourself first or else you will never get away with his manipulation.. Never ever blame yourself and don’t tolerate these kind of people.

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  3. You are obviously intelligent, as well as apparently pretty. I don’t know what planet these losers fell off of, but here on earth a pretty face is plenty popular, so either way, you’re good.


  4. Such a terrible experience. My heart goes out to you. That one-sided relationship is physically and mentally draining. It’s best that you cut off the contact as he will never stop until he finds another person to manipulate. I’ve just recently learned that women go through unwanted advances from men on a daily basis. I listened to a podcast TODAY in which a woman stated that if a man asks for her number she will give a fake one, for fear if she says no, it will anger the man and put herself in danger.
    I don’t have the answers as to why these things happen. The only thing I can say is “Not All Men.” That’s the title of the rebooted Twilight Zone series in which women have to deal with the same issues.
    Its a shame this happens in real life.

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    1. I completely agree, it’s definitely not all men and I suppose some females are also like this men just rarely speak about it. Humans in general can be very selfish and strange at times. Thank you for your comment!

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